Floating-Point Operations per Second is the lifeblood of AI models and serves as the foundation for Axon's thinking and actions

$FLOQ, or FLOPS, is the cornerstone of the CogniXphere economic ecosystem. Representing the value of computing power in our AI-centric world, $FLOQ underpins the daily operations within CogniXphere, fueling a wide array of activities.

Key metrics

  • Token Name: FLOPS

  • Token Symbol: $FLOQ

  • Token Standard: TBC.

  • Smart Contract: TBC.

  • Audit Report: TBC.


  • Train & Chat with Axon;

  • Chat with Axon Edge.

How to obtain $FLOQ

  • $XPH staking rewards;

  • Bonus from userโ€™s chats (for Axon owners only);

  • Social media task rewards;

  • Community giveaway.

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