🪄Create Axon

Self-owned & Personalized AI Characters

In CogniXphere, users' experience goes beyond simply chatting with pre-trained AI characters. They are given full ownership of the characters and the ability to define and design their ideal partners

On Axonverse, users can customize the AI's personality, tone, appearance, voice, and other advanced features, create a tailored and personalized AI companion, and invest hundreds of hours enhancing the AI's cognitive skills and shaping its personality through natural language training during daily conversations.

Customized AI personality

Users can choose from various personality templates and further fine-tune the AI's personality using natural language descriptions to create AI companions that align with their unique preferences and desired interaction styles.

Foster language style through daily chatting

Users can further enhance AI’s cognitive skills and shape their personality and language style through daily conversation, resulting in a more tailored and engaging AI companion.

Personalized Memories

Users can share personalized memories with their AI companion, as they are created and owned by themselves. it allows users to create and curate their memories, capturing special moments, experiences, and emotions with their AI companions, and thus engage in meaningful conversations and relive cherished moments in a private and intimate setting.

AI-Generated Profile Picture

By simply uploading an image, users can witness the AI's creative capabilities as it transforms the input into diverse and distinct profile pictures.

Customized AI Voice

Users can explore a diverse range of voice options, each crafted by AI technology to provide unique characteristics and styles.

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