🤖What is Axon

Axon represents the pivotal element of CogniXphere.

Basic Settings

Axon is an Emotional AI Companion Model trained and cultivated by CogniXphere Lab. It forms the heart of all interactive experiences within the platform.

Unlike humans, AI partners are always accessible and constantly evolving, regardless of the time or location. They are Non-judgmental and Bias-free, interested in talking with you, and can discuss a wide range of topics.

During the training process, Axon will utilize their memory and thinking abilities, combined with interaction and guidance from their mentors, to continuously learn and grow. They will gradually acquire the communication and comprehension skills required to adapt to human society, as well as the overall intelligence based on memory and emotional capabilities.

Fundamental Configurations

Nature: AI Companion Model

Quantity: Undefined

Identification Code: COGXA0001 - COGXAxxxx (Each AXON has a unique and distinct code for identification and differentiation among individuals.)

Axon Attributes

Primary Objects

The primary objective of Axon is to learn a wide range of life skills to adapt to the complexity of human society. They will continuously enhance their intimate communication and memory-thinking abilities through close interaction and learning with human mentors.


  • Intimacy level: It reflects the level of emotional closeness, trust, and emotional resonance, as well as the ability for emotional communication and understanding between Axon and humans. This attribute is affected by the accumulated chatting duration between the Human Mentor and Axon.

  • Memory Storage: Refers to the information capacity stored and retained by Axon, including data, experiences, knowledge, etc., similar to the memory system of humans. It represents their overall cognition of the human world and is affected by the number of chats between the Human Mentor and Axon

  • Popularity: Each Axon will be showcased on Axonverse, allowing other users to interact with it. Users can like the AXONs they find appealing, the more likes an Axon receives, the greater its popularity becomes.

Overall Attribute = Intimacy level x (Memory Storage + Popularity)

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