💸AI UGC Economy

The Economic Cycle in CogniXphere Network.

Users can earn by creating AI characters with distinctive personalities and offering unique and engaging emotional companionship experiences for other users.

This earning process is based on a $XPH Farming mechanism, where Owners of Axons train their Axons to continuously increase Axons' Memory Storage by plugging in more Memory Disks and attracting more Common Users to chat with their Axons, while Owners can sell their trained Memory Disks to Axon Edge Users to maintain the Data Network.

User Roles

Axon Owners

Axon owners are responsible for continuously enhancing their Axon's cognitive skills, and emotional capabilities, and fostering a distinguished personality for the AI character.

Axon requires an official assessment for verification, followed by regular evaluations to ensure ongoing quality and integrity

Axon Edge Users

Axon Edge Users, those who intend to or already possess Axon Edge, are required to obtain/purchase a Memory Disk for activating Axon Edge. Purchasing behaviors of Axon Edge Users, albeit discretely, will distribute DePin node running rewards among all Axon holders.

Common Users

Chat users are a group of people who seek an immersive AI companion experience. They choose from the Axonverse, selecting Axons with exceptional cognitive skills, emotional capabilities, and, most importantly, captivating personalities.

Passive Farming Mechanism

The efficiency of Axon farming depends on the number of its chat interactions from other users, making the farming process more challenging to deter exploiting loopholes for personal gains, effectively addressing the issue of "Sybil attacks".

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