🌐Data Network

CogniXphere will construct an user preference data network founded on Axon Edge.

Drawing from our AI assistant integration service, we aim to establish an extensive decentralized user preference network. Authorized users will serve as node operators and data providers, contributing valuable insights and training data for Web3 user preference learning.

Axon Edge Users - DePin Nodes


  • Contribute valid data to the network by engaging in conversations with Axon Edge and maintaining continuous interaction on-chain.

  • Furnish accurate feedback to facilitate model upgrades.


  • Receive node running rewards contingent upon the quality of provided data and its utilization.

  • Axon Edge undergoes continuous iteration to deliver users increasingly personalized and precise AI assistant services.

Privacy Data Module

We will encrypt node data using the data privacy module, ensuring that neither internal nor external individuals can access the original user data during network operation.

Data Use Cases

  1. AI Training

  2. Targeted Marketing

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