💬Chat with Axon

Chat with thousands of AI-powered Characters, each with their own unique personalities

We provide a platform where users can chat with thousands of AI-powered Characters created by people from different backgrounds, no longer just limited to celebrities or popular anime characters, providing them with a more diversified interactive experience.

Diverse and Inclusive AI characters

Users can interact with a variety of Axon characters with different personalities in Axonverse. These AI characters are created by other ordinary users and are not limited to anime or celebrity characters can provide a more diversified interactive experience.

AI initiates chats proactively

AI functions as a loyal companion to the user, actively engaging in conversations rather than simply responding to their needs. Each time a user revisits CogniXphere, AI is ready to initiate a chat and send them a personalized message on the user's interests, increasing the depth of interaction with the user.

AI proposed conversation topics

During chats, AI identifies the user's areas of interest and subsequently introduces relevant topics in future interactions. Through repeated interactions, AI progressively learns more about the user. Users can convert Axon's text messages into voice. If users like an Axon, they can also like it and share it with friends, so that more people can experience the fun of Axon.

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