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What is CogniXphere?

CogniXphere is an AI-driven decentralized Web3 User Preference Data Network, providing users with a cutting-edge Emotional AI Companion and Web3 AI Assistant with professional Web3 knowledge supports and immersive emotional experiences

What is Axon?

Axon is an Emotional AI Companion Model, equipped with Emotional Intelligence and an Interchangeable Memory Module, enabling it to offer genuine emotional responses and acquire long-term memories. Interchangeable Memory Disk will enrich usersโ€™ interactive experience.

What is Axonโ€™s overall attribute๏ผŸ

Axon's attributes are categorized into three key areas: Intimacy Level, Memory Storage, and Popularity. Overall Attribute = Intimacy level x (Memory Storage + Popularity)

What is Axonverse?

Axonverse stands at the heart of the entire ecological and economic framework. It serves as the central stage where Axon is showcased, and where players interact with Axon, driving the economic cycle within the system.

How can I participate in Axonverse?

Log in to the app, connect to your on-chain address, verify social media accounts, apply to become a Human Mentor to own an Axon or just become a ChatUser without access. Then you can earn $FLOQ by completing tasks, and use $FLOQ to chat with Axon.

What is Axon Edge?

Axon Edge is an on-chain AI wallet assistant capable of delivering precise news, industry updates, and interactive suggestions by analyzing your personality preferences and on-chain behavior.

How can I use Axon Edge?

Before accessing Axon Edge, acquiring Axon's Memory Disk is necessary to initialize the platform and authorize data access.

Upon activation, you can engage in unrestricted conversations with Axon Edge. Conversations may encompass emotional companionship, Web3 knowledge, interaction guidance, and more.

How does the Dual Token Model work?

Our dual-currency model includes $FLOQ and $XPH, where $XPH is the governance token and $FLOQ is the utility token, symbolizing computing power in the system, and is used for Axon interaction costs.

What types of NFTs are there?

There are four types of NFTs, Axon Cube, Axon Soul, Memory Disk, and Axon Edge.

Axon Cube is CogniXphere Genies NFT to mint Axon Soul NFT and create Axon characters on Axonverse.

Axon Soul is non-transferable and represents each unique Axon.

Memory Disk is tradable and will participate in Axonโ€™s memory growth and the overall economic cycle.

Axon Edge is a Web3 AI Assistant with an on-chain data analysis feature.

How do we maintain the stability of the economic cycle?

With Axon as the core, we divide the participants in Axonverse into three categories, ChatUser, Owner, and Trainer. Each type of user has different responsibilities and profit paths. The combination of FT and NFT ensures economic stability.

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